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Trade in your old Chameleon for the Hidex Sense

LabLogic is offering a fantastic discount when you trade in your old Hidex Chameleon for the Hidex Sense microplate reader.

The Hidex Sense microplate reader is a significant upgrade of the Chameleon and offers many features including:

  • Very compact footprint at only 20 cm wide

  • Simple touchscreen interface, minimising training and maximising output

  • Combination of colorimetric and radiometric assays on a single platform

  • Dedicated PMT detector for super sensitive luminescence that is the best on the market

  • Spectrograph for absorbance measurements, producing a whole spectrum in <1sec

  • Dual filter wheel technology and selection of dichroic filters, giving optimal sensitivity and speed in all fluorescence technologies

  • Flexible excitation and emission

  • Plate stacking automation ready

  • Atmospheric digital control

Discount applies for trading-in a Hidex Chameleon when purchasing a Hidex Sense.

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